How long do flamingos live ?

Males and females flamingo, live an average of about 30 years, the color darkens closer to old age, becoming a bright pink color and a child they have little noticeable pink color and appear white.

For a bird, to live thirty years very much, compared to, for example, other birds. It is also worth recalling that flamingos spend a lot of time standing on one leg. The second leg they warm by hiding it under a thick layer of feathers.

Flying flamingos, craning his neck forward, and legs – back. They swim well. They nest and forage in muddy in places and rocky shallows – on the shores of seas and saline lakes, where live “soup” swarm accustomed to saltwater crustaceans, where blue-green algae fouled green transparent plosov and tiny snails thickly studded mud conical shells. All of them are fished out of the water for its amazing flamingo beak.