How long do flounder live ?

The average lifespan of flounder is about 3-10 years.The flounder breeds between February and May. Such a spread in terms is due to the fact that the habitat is quite wide, and in each case the fish has its own time period, when an active spawn occurs. Despite the fact that flounder prefers to live alone, it gathers to spawning in packs. Sometimes in the flocks are mixed several species of flounder, then there can be a crossing of different species.

Sexually mature flounder reaches 3-4 years. During the spawning period, it sweeps from several hundred to several million eggs. The number of eggs depends on the type and size of the fish. The eggs survive the incubation period, which is 11 days, after which the fry are hatched. The left eye of the fry is on the left side, and the right eye is on the right: everything is like ordinary fish.

After hatching the fry feed on zooplankton, and as they grow – more nutritious food. Gradually, the left side turns into the lower part, from it the eye moves to the right side. Very rarely the lower part becomes the right side. With what it is connected, science is still unknown.

Flounder is a very strange fish, which had to go a long way of evolution. Due to its features, it is almost invisible on the bottom, but experienced anglers can force it to grab the hook, teasing the “bottom” with a tasty bait.