How long do frogs live ?

Quite often frogs are kept as pets. At home, the life expectancy of these amphibians is usually somewhat greater than in nature. She reaches 15 years, of course, if you take care of your pet properly. Remember that frogs do not like frequent changes and can even get sick, so you have to seek help from a veterinarian.

In the wild, a rare frog survives to 10 years. This is due, inter alia, to the enemies that amphibians have in their natural environment very much. By the way, unlike frogs, toads can live long enough. There are species that live for decades.

A frog in the broadest sense of the word is called the whole group of the group of tailless amphibians. In the narrow sense this term applies only to representatives of the family of real frogs. These animals are distributed around the world, and the greatest variety can be found in the humid rainforests.

The size of adult frogs is very different. So, if the length of the Goliath frog can reach phenomenal 32 centimeters, the smallest vertebrates in the world, which are the frogs of Paedophryne amauensis, do not exceed a length of 8 millimeters.