How long do geckos live ?

Geckos, like all the lizards, are very ancient creatures … Although a single individual lives not so long – only 10-12 years. Geckos belong to a family of lizards, of which there are about 80 genera and more than 600 species in the world.

The habitat of geckos is the tropics, subtropics and some temperate zones. On the territory of the CIS, they can be found in Central Asia, Transcaucasia, the Crimea and Kazakhstan.

The word “gecko” is formed from the sound produced by these talkative reptiles – “hex-ko, he-ko”. They can also mumble like mice, croak like frogs, creak like old ungreased gates, twitter like sparrows, snap, like crack nuts, and even cackle like chickens …

Males sing at night, declaring their right to the territory and the female. During the aggression they swell, hiss and open their jaws. Female geckos, as a rule, are not talkative, rather even silent.