How long do geese live ?

On average, a typical domestic goose lives 18-20 years. And this despite the fact that he does not need to be carefully looked after. It is worth considering that these birds will not be three, and not four, but more than ten. Every experienced cattle breeder knows that there are several things to buy. Otherwise, they do not make any sense. The fact is that many breed them. And if there are one or two goose, then a small chance that they will give offspring. It is worth paying attention to the goose breed. It turns out that rare species live longer.

For example, the Vladimir clayey geese, on average, live from 25 to 30 years. This is explained by the fact that they are very thick and the bone is slightly wider than that of the usual ones. It is also the geese of this breed that give a large number of eggs in the first year. Such geese are highly valued in every country, but they also have a decent price.

The life span of the Djavekhts geese practically does not differ from the Vladimir clayey ones. They can live very long. Only it is not desirable to wait for their old age. After 10 years they will not be fruitful, but if you let them eat meat, it will not be so tender and tasty. It no longer depends on the breed. Each animal has a period when they are no longer suitable for farming.

The longest life expectancy of those geese who live in freedom. They can live more than seventy years. Of course, they are not useful in the household, but they have delicious meat. However, in such conditions, which live domestic geese, wild – long will not live.