How long do gerbils live ?

Gerbils usually live 3-4 years, and in their natural environment their habitual way of life is rather unusual: these rodents constitute family colonies – father, mother and several broods, and married couples are formed for life.

Gerbils belong to the subfamily of rodents. They came to us from the Mongolian steppes and quickly became one of the most beloved species of domestic animals. This is explained quite simply: small rodents are easily tamed, unpretentious in care, and their amusing habits give a lot of positive emotions to everyone who has decided to acquire a pet.

Outwardly, these sand mice resemble small hamsters with a long tail, they have very expressive big eyes and a characteristic brush at the end of the tail. Color can vary: there are uniformly colored individuals or spotted, with the transition color from agouti to gray.

The habits of these little animals are extremely interesting and original. First of all, thanks to their unique activity. In natural conditions, they constantly run around in search of food, while being tamed, they retain their fussy and touching restlessness.