How long do gibbons live ?

In nature gibbons average lifespan is about 25 years, but once a representative of this family lived to the age of 50 years! As for the choice of partners, the gibbons are monogamous. They prefer to live in pairs or families (male, female and their offspring).

All gibbons are very moving creatures. They like team games with their fellows. Gibbons quickly get used to people, and also willingly make contact with other animal species. They are rarely aggressive or evil, contrary to popular belief.

The birth of a cub from a pair of gibbons is a rare event, because a baby is born once in 3 or even 4 years. Caring parents keep the baby near the first three years of life, all this time the mother feeds him with milk.

These monkeys prefer vegetable food. Mainly, they choose juicy leaves, but can “season” them with nuts, flowers or delicious fruits (bananas, rambutans). But there are carnivorous gibbons among the family, they feed on eggs of birds, and sometimes even nestlings, although insects are most often eaten.