How long do gophers live ?

The gopher life span is from 3 to 6 years, depending on the species. The gophers feed on many rare animals: the steppe eagle, the golden eagle, the dressing. The number of valuable fur-bearing animals – foxes, chorus, column – also depends on the number of ground squirrels. And they themselves are an object of fishing. Especially prized long-legged fur of a yellow ground squirrel.

In the steppe regions – where forest belts are created, the animals damage the plantings: they gnaw swollen acorns, eat leaves and roots of seedlings. And on the pastures numerous rodents make up competition for livestock.

Of course, in areas of intensive farming and near settlements, control over the number of rodents is necessary. But not only the presence of gophers in fields and pastures negatively affects. They loosen the soil, contribute to its aeration. In the course of holes, water penetrates into the depths. In the ground remains the contents of storehouses and lavatories of animals, lining their nests – organic substances that enrich the soil. Digging animals are unique and irreplaceable. They return the lost important elements to the upper soil layer, increasing its fertility.