How long do gorillas live ?

The enemies of gorillas in their natural habitat are very few, which allows many animals to live to a very old age. And this old age comes about in 40 years. It is impossible to say exactly about the average lifespan of monkeys in natural conditions due to the difficulties associated with research on this topic.

Therefore, the average life expectancy is considered to be 30-35 years. It is known that females live a little longer, which is due to their calmer character. Sexual maturity in males occurs at the age of 11-13 years, with a tenure of 10-12 years. Pregnancy lasts 8.5 months. Once in 3-5 years a female has one cub, which remains near the mother until the next one appears.

The life of gorillas in captivity is much better studied. It is known that in zoos gorillas live, on average, up to 50 years. This is affected not only by more favorable environmental conditions (normal and constant nutrition, timely treatment, lack of predators), but also by other factors.

Gorillas, who were more close to extroverts, that is, are sociable and friendly towards their relatives, are active and initiative, lived on average 10-15 years longer than closed monkeys.