How long do great white sharks live ?

Now, thanks to a new study, the scientists found that these giants of the abyss live much longer than previously thought. People believed that in the wild these predators live about 30 years, and in captivity they can live no more than 3 weeks. Today, scientists say that the life expectancy of a large white shark at will – up to 70 years or more.

“Everyone thinks that we know about these sharks almost everything, including what they like or hate,” says researcher Li Ling Hamadi. “But from the point of view of science, we are just beginning to understand that they eat, where they live and how long they live.” Using a new technique to determine the age of these impressive creatures, scientists have identified a male of a large white shark, whose age is about 70 years.

Researchers say that this discovery is important from the point of view of animal protection. Knowing the life expectancy of an individual of this species, how quickly it grows and when it reaches puberty, it is much more effective to develop a species conservation program. This remarkable study also means that large white sharks can now be considered one of the longest-living cartilaginous fishes in history.