How long do guinea fowl live ?

Average lifespan of guinea fowl can be up to 10 years and even more, but domestic guinea fowls live only 2-3 years, since it is not profitable to keep further, it is necessary to update the livestock.

You can find the guinea fowl on a long oval-shaped body, a small bare head with a red fleshy beard and an unusual decoration. On the crown of his head there is a small horny process. The beak is not very big, but interesting – it is compressed from both sides, it is noticeable in the photo and video.

Naked in the bird, not only the nape, but also the upper part of the chest. They are purple and attract attention. The tail of the beauties is rather short, and the wings are rounded. As for color, it is also quite typical: dark gray, and unusual white spots are bordered in black.

If you want to know how much meat can be obtained from guinea fowls, then this information is for you. The weight of an adult female grown at home reaches 1.8 kg, and the male has a weight of only 200 grams more.