How long do guinea pigs live ?

The average life expectancy of guinea pigs in natural conditions is about 9-10 years. Officially recorded cases where these animals survived to 15 years.

The species of bald guinea pigs include breeds: boldwin and skinny. Baldwin is an amusing mutation of one of the breeders. The result of experimenting dermatologists was a skinny breed. Initially they were light and red-eyed. Nowadays, bald varieties of pork sold in our time are the result of crossbreeding with other breeds. Contrary to popular myths, such bald breeds have a usual life expectancy, they live 9-10 years.

In our country rosette guinea pigs are still very popular. They have a special wool structure (in the form of sockets). These funny animals look like ruffled from a long sleep. They live, like all other breeds of guinea pigs.

The optimum temperature of guinea pig content is 18-23 degrees. In order to create decent living conditions for them, you should take care of many things.