How long do hammerhead sharks live ?

Lifespan of hammerhead sharks depends on the species. For example, a giant hammerhead shark on average lives 30 years, and the maximum life expectancy is 50 years. The female of this species brings offspring once in 2 years. And smaller species give offspring every year. All these sharks are characterized by the fact that the shark remains near the mother for a while, until they grow up to start an independent life.

This shark is viviparous. Females are larger than males. The pregnancy period lasts 11 months. In the litter, usually from 12 to 40 fry, depending on the species. Young sharks have more rounded outgrowths than adults.

During the day, sea predators are kept in large flocks, which sometimes number more than 100 individuals. At night, this huge team disintegrates, and each shark begins an independent hunt. In the morning hours, the fish are again combined into one brazed team.