How long do hermit crabs live ?

The average life span of hermit crabs is about 10-11 years. Reproduction of these crustaceans can continue throughout the whole year. The main role in this process is assigned to the female, which lays about 15 thousand eggs of bright red color. These eggs are attached to her abdomen.

In a week they turn into larvae, which are detached from the female and independently swim in the water. The growth of larvae is accompanied by molting several times. Already after the fourth molt, a young specimen is obtained from the larva. It is noticed that they can not breed in captivity.

As a shelter, hermit crabs choose shells of about 25 species of mollusks. Without them, they are very vulnerable and easily become prey. The main criterion of choice is the ratio of the inner volume to the weight of the shell.

As the hermit crab grows constantly, he regularly finds a new shell. Usually immediately after molting, he begins to look for a more spacious house.