How long do horses live in captivity ?

It is home horses that beat all records of long-livers. And there are reasons for this. They are constantly receiving food, never starving, have their own warm place, where you can hide in bad weather, and most importantly, are constantly under the supervision of the owner.

If you are wondering how many horses can live at home, you need to know the breed and the profession of your pet. The largest age is reached by thoroughbred stallions. After all, their cost makes people take special care. Select meals and personal doctors guarantee horses all 30 years, and even more. Arabian horses can outrun all their relatives for 10 years.

Ordinary domestic horses live 20-25 years. But this is the case if the owner is well aware of what he is doing. After all, caring for an animal can not only benefit, but also harm. If you do not cure your pet in time, or carelessly treat his food, then you can start health. Also, it is not necessary to fill the horse with a huge amount of work. It is necessary to alternately alternate rest and work.