How long do horses live in the wild ?

Many people mistakenly assume that wild horses are the most hardy and live longer than others. But the situation is different. They do not eat well, their food is not balanced. Without a roof over their heads wild horses freeze. They are forced to fight weather conditions in the open.

So, how many years live wild horses on average? If it is a warm country with a good climate, but they can reach 25 years of age. But the real picture shows that even the condition of strong stallions after 15 years is sharply worsening. As for the cold countries, the situation there is much more complicated. In addition to problems with food and shelter, there are difficulties with various infections that slowly kill the body, because there is nobody to cure them.

According to statistics, the average life expectancy of any horse is 35-40 years. But this figure rather shows the most advanced age to which one lives. To know exactly the life of your horse, just check some data.