How long do howler monkeys live ?

The average lifespan of howler monkeys is about 15-20 years, but the can live longer in captivity. Red howler monkeys  can reproduce throughout the year. Constant pairs they do not create, so each time pairing with a new partner. After 186-194 days of pregnancy in a female, like most primates, one fairly large cub is born. Its length reaches 17-24 cm, the tail is longer than the body. Cubs are covered with wool. They cling tenaciously to the fur on the mother’s belly. When the children grow up, the females wear them on their backs. Milk feeding lasts 18-24 months.

All this time the cubs are sitting on the back of the females. It is because of prolonged lactation that the females bring the cubs every 2-3 years. In some cases, twins may be born in females. Sometimes a new leader kills the cubs already available in females. The reason for cruelty is not entirely clear. Perhaps the males do this in order to be able to mate with the females.

Red-haired howler monkeys, like other monkeys, are prone to social behavior. They are kept by family groups, which usually consist of 3 adult males, 8 adult females, 3 newborns and 4 teenagers. All members of the herd obey the dominant male. It is he who always leads the herd, which goes to feed.

Between the males often clashes for the right of primacy, because the secondary males or teenagers can claim the place of the leader. Herd of howler monkey moves very slowly and within a day passes 400 m. The most active monkeys are early in the morning and in the evening before evening. In the midday heat the animals rest. At night the howler monkey sleeps on the branches of trees. Red-haired howler monkeys  are known for their loud and piercing roar.