How long do hummingbirds live ?

The maximum life span of this hummingbird is about 8-9 years.┬áIn nature, hummingbirds become victims of tree snakes and tarantula spiders, who lie in wait for them among the greens. A man contributed to the destruction of these wonderful birds. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, but the hummingbirds are extracted for the sake of … iridescent feathers.

Even insignificant contraband threatened the existence of whole species, because many hummingbirds have a very narrow range. These birds can be kept in captivity, only need to ensure that they have constant access to nutritious food. The starving hummingbird instantly weakens, stops moving and desperately tries to warm up, covering the tiny body with its wings.

Hummingbirds amaze with their inner power, vitality and at the same time some special fragility. It seems that these birds are connected to life by subtle threads and only the future of these beautiful creatures depends on man.