How long do iguanas live ?

In the wild, iguanas live on average about 8 years. In captivity with proper care, a green iguana can live more than 20 years. In the wild, most iguanas begin to multiply in three or four years, although some are ready for reproduction and much earlier.

The beginning of the breeding season most often occurs in January or February, but it can vary depending on the habitat: during the seasonal cycle of moisture fluctuations, the mating games fall on the first half of the dry period, laying eggs on the second (at this time the soil temperature is high enough and less Risk of death of masonry from water-related problems), and hatching – at the beginning of the rainy season, when a young shoot gives an abundance of food for the offspring.

In the mating season, which lasts about two weeks, the males choose the place of the future mating, mark the territory with the excreta from the pores in the lower limbs, and become aggressive towards the nearby rivals. In the wild, direct clashes between them are quite rare, in the event of a threat, the weaker lizard prefers to leave the territory of others in the event of conflict, rather than join the fight.