How long do jaguars live ?

The life span of jaguar is up to 10 years in nature and up to 25 years in captivity. 50% of the mortality falls on the age of up to 2 years. The lifestyle of jaguars is single. Like all predatory cats, jaguars are territorial animals; The area of ​​one jaguar occupies from 25 (in females) to 50 and even more (in males) square kilometers, depending on the landscape and the amount of game.

As a rule, the hunting area of ​​the male is a triangle in shape. On its territory the male hunts 3-4 days in a certain area, and then moves to another site. In addition, the beast visits certain “border points” every five or fifteen days. For this reason, the jaguar is a real vagabond, constantly “staggering” along the jungle. Jaguar is extremely intolerant of other felines (in particular, to pumas) on its territory, but rather peace-loving to its congeners, and the hunting territories of jaguars often overlap.

These big cats do not have a specific breeding season. Females reach puberty for the third year of life. Despite the fact that the jaguars are single animals, but in the brewing period they can gather in small groups. Fights between males practically never happen – partners for mating are chosen by females.