How long do killer whales live ?

Male killer whales average life span whales is about 35 years, females reaches 50 years. There are also cases when killer whales survived to 80 years, but this is rather an exception to the rules. The location of the killer whale has a strong effect on life expectancy: in captivity it is contained or lives in freedom.

The Orcas live in small groups, and for each such group they have their own sound signals, which they serve to each other. Signals they publish as common to all killer whales, and only for their group. Inside the group, they are friendly to each other and even care about injured individuals. The number of individuals in a group can be up to fifty pieces.

As for the offspring, the young female wears about 17 months. He is born no more than 2.5 m. In the period up to 40 years, females can have about 5-6 calves, that is, once every 6-10 years. In killer whales, as in humans, the menopause period is observed, after which they live, but do not give offspring.