How long do kingfishers live ?

The average lifespan of kingfishers i about 2 years. Kingfisher arranges a nest on a steep slope that descends to the river. During the mating season, the male quickly sweeps in the air past the female and describes the circles high above the ground. In kingfisher, the marriage flight can last for hours and ends usually when the male shows the female on the opening that leads to the nest. If the nest is still unfinished, then they together – male and female – complete its construction.

Birds dig a hole in the beak, paws throwing out the excavated earth. When the construction of the hole is completed, the male brings his prey to the prey. It looks like this: a male, holding a fish in his beak, approaches the female and bows to her. Then he, with his wings down, stretches the fish head forward to the female. This is how the beloved looks.

Usually the female lays 6 to 7 white eggs. Male and female take turns to incubate eggs. In the feeding of chicks that appear without feathers, both parents take part. First, the chicks line up in the queue for food, and those that have received the food, become in its end. Growing chicks are increasingly competing with each other for food. Parents are fully engaged in foraging for their insatiable offspring.

Four-week-old chicks leave the nest and begin an independent adult life. The kingfisher family, in which there are chicks, eats about 100 fish throughout the day.