How long do komodo dragons live ?

The natural life span of the ┬ákomodo dragons in nature may be about 50 years, according to estimates – up to 62 years. Moreover, according to some data, the lifespan of females of this species is approximately half that of males. In captivity, it has not yet been reported that the komodo dragon lived more than 25 years.

Very often female  dragon use for the nest other dug pits, for example, a nest of weedy chicken.  Komodo dragons only needs to widen the hole a little and make more entrance to avoid getting stuck. And, first the female will eat the eggs of the bird, and then will post its own.

In the masonry there are up to 19 pieces and before the appearance of the young it takes up to 8 months. All this time the female will be near and guard her nest. They do not eat anything until the rainy season, when food appears in excess.

The offspring appears at a time when there is enough food for the development of a young organism. When cubs are born, their length is about 30 cm. As soon as the baby leaves the safe nest, he will be on his own. The main threat to hatching lizards is adults. For them, the cubs are the right food. Usually, the first two years of life the cubs spend on the branches, feeding on insects and small lizards. To make it fully grown, it will take 10 years.