How long do lemurs live ?

Life spanĀ of lemurs in the wild, then dwarf lemurs live up to 15 years, and larger species live under a favorable condition for up to a quarter of a century. At the same time at home, lemurs are able to live even up to 30 years.

By the way, these cute little animals are distant relatives of not only monkeys and monkeys, but also humans. Biologists distinguish 28 species of lemurs, differing in size and color. However, they all on the second finger have an awesome huge claw, designed to comb their own wool.

Lemurs are the most numerous group among the semi-poor, and their homeland is the famous island of Madagascar. Translated from the language of local residents, the word “lemur” means “ghost”. Such a nickname they got through the night life and the heart-rending sounds.

Due to the fact that in times immemorial Madagascar broke away from Africa, on it the unique flora and fauna developed in isolation, and one of the most entertaining representatives of the island’s animal world can be called lemurs.

Lemurs spend most of their life on trees, but can perfectly move around the land, from food they prefer vegetable food, insects and eggs of birds. These animals lead a social way of life, and their flock can include up to two dozen individuals.