How long do leopard seals live ?

Leopard seals average lifespan is about 26 years. Sexual maturity occurs at the age of 3-4 years, which is quite early. Populations of this type of animal at the moment nothing is threatened. Now in the world of them there are about 400 thousand individuals.

With his dinner, the leopard seal does not stand on ceremony. In general, its menu consists of krill (about 45%) and seal meat. Penguins are only 10% of his usual diet. They hunt, for the most part, in the water, where they cut their prey.

Leopard seal prefers a single way of life. Couples of leopard seals can be found only during the breeding season, which stretched from November to February. Mating takes place in water. And already in September – January, a single baby appears. The lactation period (milk feeding) does not last long – about 4 weeks. Then the female teaches him to hunt small prey, for example, fish or krill. For hunting seals or penguins, they are still small.