How long do leopards live ?

Leopards live in the wild for 10 to 11 years. Listed in the Red Book. In 2 – 3 years young leopards acquire their families. At 6-8 years old leopard in the prime of life, at 12-15 old age comes to it. The record of life expectancy in zoos is 24 years. Of course, they do not live up to that age at will.

In the conditions of the maintenance smoky leopards live 17 years, the life expectancy in the nature is unknown.

Pregnancy lasts three months. The light is born fluffy blind kittens, as a rule, they are not more than three. They feed on mother’s milk. They grow very fast, because they like to eat a lot. Sometimes they get so hungry that they can not even move. With mom, kids will live together for a little more than a year. During this time, the mother will teach them to hunt, and all the wisdoms of hard life. Then they will part.

Some people believe that the bones and mustaches of leopards are able to heal sick people, but this is not so. Leopards are killed every year because of their beautiful fur and valuable body parts – this is one of the reasons why they are at risk.

The tail of a leopard is almost the same length as his body. The long tail allows you to make very sharp and fast turns.