How long do lynx live ?

If the conditions for the life of the lynx are favorable, then they will live 15-20 years in the forest. Thanks to care and safety in zoos, the lynx lives ten times more times than it would have been able to live in captivity. The age of the oldest lynx is 33 years.

Previously, these animals were considered harmful and tried to exterminate them in every possible way. But in fact, the lynx plays an important role in forest biocenoses. Its presence is undesirable only on farms where they cultivate birds, roe deer, deer.

The number of lynxes is rapidly decreasing. This is mainly due to a high mortality rate in childhood and a decrease in the area of ​​forest massifs. Although hunting for them, especially during breeding is strictly prohibited, illegal destruction of predators still occurs, primarily because of valuable fur. These factors significantly worsen conditions for the life of animals and can lead to their complete disappearance.