How long do magpies live ?

In good conditions magpies can live up to 30 years, while in nature they live no more than 15 years. Therefore, before you become attached to your new pet, seriously think about whether you are ready for such a long-term care of a bird or it is better to abandon such a pet.

But the bird in the house is not just a hassle. So do not forget that you have a 30 year chance to watch an amusing and positive being.

Magpies do not like dense forests, and willingly settle closer to people. These birds are omnivorous – they can eat both plant and animal food (insects, small mammals or lizards). Sometimes these birds steal bones from dogs, and from the nests of other birds – eggs and chicks.

Before you can get offspring, the magpie can build a dozen nests, then to choose from them one, the best. Extra nests will distract the attention of predators. At one time, magpies lay 7-8 eggs, which the female incubates for 18 days. Magpies begin to lay eggs before other birds – in April and early May, sometimes even in March.