How long do meerkats live ?

In spite of the fact that the meerkats are predators, they themselves often become prey for prey birds , that is why in nature rarely survive till 7-8 years. In captivity, they live much longer.

Due to the intensive metabolism, the meerkats eat a lot, but they practically do not drink water, they have enough liquid contained in the stern. During the rainy season there is no shortage of food in animals, and as a result there are no conflicts between clans. In the winter, such skirmishes are not rare, and can be very fierce.

Like other representatives of the mongoose family, the meerkats are predators. Mostly they eat insects and invertebrates, but at the same time they will never miss the opportunity to eat bird eggs and rodents. In addition, the animals eat scorpions along with their venom glands and snakes. This unique ability has long been seen by a man – a small predator was domesticated and kept indoors, in order to be protected from poisonous creatures.