How long do mice live ?

Mice live not very long – the maximum term is a little less than 5 years (under ideal conditions, usually just under three years). About the same amount live Djungarian hamsters and rats. All other animals are much more long-lived. Therefore, when planting such a pet, you should be prepared for the fact that you will soon have to replace it. Most often mice are grown in pairs, thus getting rid of the need to buy or catch new mice.

Newborn mice replace deceased parents. In the case when you really want to get a rodent, preference can be given to mice-gerbils, who live 5-6 years, but all habits differ little from ordinary mice. Also, rodents are rabbits, able to live about twelve years, but because of much more complex care, they are not suitable for living in a city apartment.

When the content of mice should be remembered that, like other rodents, their teeth grow constantly and they need to stitch the surplus. Most often the teeth are grinded about the furniture, the bars of the cage and everything that gets on the tooth. Mouse teeth are not strong enough to gnaw through steel, but they are quite capable of spoiling any wooden objects. Therefore, mice should be provided with a material for grinding teeth (solid feed, wooden sticks and the like).