How long do monarch butterflies live ?

Monarch butterflies are considered among butterflies absolute recorders for life expectancy – it lasts an average of about 9 months. There are also those who live only a couple of hours.

Butterflies Monarchs are kings in the world of butterflies. These are the only insects capable of overcoming huge distances of 2500 miles to their wintering grounds in warm countries. During their lifetime they have to face many difficulties – they can not survive the cold weather, and the main source of their food does not grow in wintering areas.

In the United States, for example, monarchs live in two areas: east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Rocky Mountains. Eastern monarchs spend their winter in Mexico, while Western monarchs spend their winter in southern California. In February or March, they wake up to start a long journey back to the north. Soon after awakening, they mate, and lay eggs on plants.

The first generation of monarchs will be in the form of caterpillars, feeding on plants that emit milky juice. Then they turn into pupae, and then into butterflies, laying larvae and immediately dying. This is the life cycle of monarchs. The second and third generations follow a similar cycle and live for 2-6 weeks, gradually moving north.