How long do mongoose live ?

Mongoose lives 7 to 12 years. Most species of mongoose adapt well to life in the cultural landscape. Living near a person, they easily tame and become attached to the owner. The most known in this sense is the Indian and Egyptian mongoose. Indian mongooses are vigorous fighters of poisonous snakes; Although they are susceptible to snake venom, but possess such agility and strength that they cope even with the royal cobra.

The Egyptian mongooses, or pharaoh rat, have long been domesticated in North America. Africa; In ancient Egypt were revered as sacred animals. In captivity, mongooses are neat, clean animals, very sociable. They can be kept free in the apartment, like a cat.

They themselves find nooks for rest and sleep. They are fed with insects, eggs, various fruits and berries, milk, they are supplied with fresh water for drinking. With free maintenance, animals can climb to the mezzanine, cabinets, climb the curtains, etc.