How long do monkeys live ?

Life expectancy of small monkeys is to 20-25 years, large – 40 years or more. The potential lifespan of large anthropoid apes is 50-60 years. Life expectancy of Macaque with the tail of a lion in the wild is approximately 20 years, while in a closed area, such as a zoo, live up to 30 years.

The lifespan of the Rhesus Monkey is approximately 15-20 years for males and 20-25 years for females. These monkeys rarely live more than 15 years in the wild. The average life expectancy of the Japanese Macaque is 30 years.

The life span of the Tibetan Macaque is more than 20 years. Life expectancy of Gorillas is estimated at about 40-50 years.

Life expectancy of Orangutan, in the wild, lives up to 35-45 years, in captivity – under good conditions – up to 60 years. Potential lifespan of chimpanzee is 60 years.