How long do moose live ?

Aging begins at age 12 years. In the wild, there are no more than 3% of moose that are older than 10 years. Their life on average lasts 12-15 years. And only a few live longer than 15 years.

It should also be noted that in captivity, moose live much longer than in the wild. So, in captivity moose can live 20-22 years, which is completely unnatural to their relatives from the wild.

So, moose live not so long:

  • 12-15 years in the wild;
  • 20-22 years in captivity.

Of the deer family, the largest representatives are moose. These large animals live in America and Eurasia. The main difference, thanks to which the moose  is divided into species, is the shape of the horns and the size of the body.During the mating season and during the birth of the toddlers, the number of heads in the herd increases, but this is not for long.

Sexual maturation in moose takes place at 2 years. Many newborns do not live up to a year.