How long do mouse live ?

In the wild, the field mouse does not live very long. On average, its gray life lasts only two or three years, rarely when it reaches even three. Mice, in contrast to rats, are not so resistant to chemicals and do not adapt themselves to new conditions, and therefore, even harmless at first glance, chemical substances or weather conditions can present a danger to them. Long-living mice – decorative and domestic, are in good conditions. They can on average, comfortably and happily live to five years.

As already mentioned above, in nature the mouse lives negligible. Realizing this, it is anthropogenic animal, which is strongly attached to man. Getting to his house, the time of her life immediately increases. This is due to the fact that there is a fixed comfort temperature in the dwelling of a person, affordable food and water.

Huge conditions for the rodent are also habitat. In arid regions with low humidity, the mouse will quickly die of thirst or overheating, which is caused by the same thirst. The absence of rain will adversely affect the rodent population, because of which even a whole species of mice in the area may die.