How long do newts live ?

The life cycle of the newt lies in periodic changes in the habitat. They then go out on land, then return to the water, where they mate and bring offspring.

It is believed that it is very difficult to contain newts at home, since they are very picky in food, and special conditions are necessary for the appearance of offspring.

Nevertheless, as the experience of breeding newtons shows, in captivity they live much longer than in natural conditions.

The fact is that newts are small in size, and in wildlife they have a large number of enemies, ranging from larger fish and amphibians to birds and other animals.

Tritons can live up to 20-23 years in special aquariums with proper care. There were recorded cases when they lived to be 30 years old. Throughout life, newts retain high activity and fertility. They do not overeat and do not swallow food in large pieces.

In living nature, these amphibians barely survive to 10 years, mostly their life ends in 6-7 years.

Due to the constant pollution of water bodies, the number of newts decreases year by year, some species are already listed in the Red Book. Therefore, in order that they do not disappear completely, it is necessary to take care of all life that surrounds us.