How long do octopus live ?

Octopus live comparatively not for long – about 5 years. They have practically no enemies, except for the Far Eastern wolffish, but it is very rare in our waters, and seals, but the octopuses themselves are not averse to dine with their weaker and lesser fellow. In the diet octopus includes mainly scallops, mussels and other shells, shrimps and crabs.

Settled octopuses usually choose a burrow under large rocks or in a cleft of rock. Usually it is the predilection for the cleanliness of his habitation and gives out the location of his home. Before entering the burrow, a shaft of empty shells of shells and shells of crabs is common, and if the habitation is habitable, there is sand of gray color.

Often, there is a “back door” at the octopus’s dwelling, a second exit on the other side of the stone or a transition to neighboring stones. And the alien octopuses, they do not take much care of their dwelling, they often occupy some kind of depression in the day, and taking the color of the surrounding soil, they are busy eating the night prey or dozing, covering their eyes.

In the daytime, octopuses are usually not very active, but they are always bright red during the night dive and move very actively at the bottom, the light of the lantern is not afraid and easily leaves the beam, they try to hide under any suitable stone or run away, disappearing behind the smokescreen of ink .