How long do okapi live ?

In captivity okapi live for about 30 years, it is not known how many okapi live in the wild. Since the okapi are very cautious and hidden, little is known about how pregnancy takes place in females. The gestation period is 15 months. The female gives birth to the baby in the deaf, it happens during the rainy season. In vegetation, the baby hides for a couple of weeks, until it grows.

Then he begins to follow his mother everywhere. The female takes great care of the newborn, protecting it from any danger. When the offspring begin to lead an independent life – it is unclear.

Okapi prefer a lonely life. Males and females mark the boundaries of their territory and carefully guard their allotments. Males live alone, and females live with the young. Activity animals show in the afternoon, and at night they hide in thickets.

The okapi dwell at an altitude of 500-1000 meters, while in the eastern zone they rise even higher – in mountain rainforests. Fur at okapi is able to repel water, due to this the animal does not become wet during the rainy season, the water simply rolls to the ground.