How long do orangutans live ?

The life span of orangutans in their natural habitat can reach 30 years, and they are able to survive till they reach 65! Sexual maturity in females occurs in 8-12 years, in males Рin 14-15 years.

With the onset of the mating season, males begin to attract their future women with song, which is a mixture of grumbling and vibrating roar. After 8.5 months, the female appears 1, rarely 2 cubs. They weigh only 1.5-2 kilograms. Almost immediately after birth, the baby clings to the coat on the mother’s breast and begins to suck the milk. Lactation lasts up to 3-4 years.

Simultaneously with milk feeding, the female begins to gradually accustom the young to plant food, putting it well chewed leaves. Since the age of 4, a small orangutan has already become independent, but still continues to live next to the mother until 6-8 years old.

These monkeys became famous for their intelligence and ingenuity. They learn everything quickly. In zoos, they often adopt human habits. Some of them have figured out using different tools to get food, for example, sticks. With their help, monkeys can bring fruits floating on the water surface to themselves.