How long do ostriches live ?

How long do ostriches live, no one can’t say exactly. The life span of this bird varies from 50 to 70 years. In nature, where fires, droughts, floods, hunting people and large predatory animals await the bird, it is much less likely to live to old age. Another thing is if the ostriches are under supervision and on a full board of a person.

A few years ago in the foreign press was told about an ostrich who lived in the zoo for 50 years. On farms, breeders do not set themselves the task of determining the exact life of a bird. The goals here are different: business – selling meat, a feather, an egg shell.

African ostriches live, like people, that is, an average of 75 years.

About ostriches written a lot of research. The life spans of these birds in different sources are given absolutely different, since it is impossible to track in the wild, how many years the bird lived. To understand how an ostrich lives in nature, it is necessary to get acquainted with its habitat. These birds live in flocks or families consisting of one adult male, several females and offspring.