How long do oysters live ?

The average life span of an oyster is 5 years, the maximum is 30 years. But most often in the second or fourth year of life they fall on the table. Oysters have been on Earth for 65 million years. Now about 50 kinds of oysters are known.

Black oysters live up to 30 years. They are very tenacious: they can do without the sea for more than two weeks.

The longest living is the Stone Oyster. Habitat: coastal areas of the Indian Ocean, Tanganyika Strait. The length of the shell of a stone oyster reaches half a meter at an altitude of 35-40 cm. This mollusc feeds like most bivalve mollusks – it filters water through the gills and feeds on the suspension.

The edges of the mantle protruding from the shell serve as a refuge for blue-green algae, which make these areas of the body of the shellfish inedible, protecting against various predators – mainly from crustaceans. The stone oyster forms