How long do pandas live ?

According to observations of scientists, in the wild the pandas live on average 20 years. In captivity (in zoos), their life expectancy is approximately 25 years.

On the day of the panda eats up to 30 kg of bamboo and shoots. They also eat flowers, bark of trees, wood mushrooms, insects. There is evidence that sometimes they are lactated with fish, small rodents and other animals, if they manage to catch them.

There are two main factors that have affected the decline in the bear population. The first is their mass extermination by people (poaching) for the sake of expensive furs and for making stuffed animals. The second is a significant felling of bamboo, which accounts for almost 99% of their diet. Some of the pandas were able to escape from the disaster zone, the rest were killed by fodder. In addition, in captivity pandas multiply extremely rarely.

At present, China has seriously pondered the problem of the disappearance of large pandas. In China, the death penalty was imposed for causing damage to large pandas and for the destruction of these animals. All the pandas, as well as the offspring they will give in the future, belong to China alone.