How long do panthers live ?

In captivity Panther lives about 20 years, in nature – 12. Panther is often called a black leopard. These animals differ not only in color, the habits of the panther are not the same as those of other leopards. This species is more aggressive and fearless. Such a beast does not fear a man, unlike his fellow men, and the lions do not inspire horror and fear.

She lives on the large plains, and in the rainforests, and in the snow-capped mountains, and in the steppes. The species is widespread in tropical forests of South and South-East Asia, in southwestern China, Nepal, Burma and South India. In Indonesia and southern Malaysia, panthers are more common than light leopards.

The habitat of these wild cats is quite wide, they are also found in Ethiopia, the forests of Kenya and in African Aberdares, a lot of individuals live on the island of Java. It is known that at the beginning of the Quaternary period this animal lived even in Europe.