How long do parrots live ?

The life expectancy of exotic parrots depends, first of all, on their species. Small parrots, for example, wavy, live about 10-15 years. Birds of medium size will please their owners longer – their existence after birth lasts from 20 to 30 years. Real life terms of large parrots are not exactly defined: some sources indicate that they live from 50 to 120 years, others limit this figure to sixty years.

How much the parrot lives, depends not only on its kind. A varied and balanced diet, an optimal temperature and light regime throughout the year (use of special ultraviolet lamps that produce vitamin D in birds), a spacious cell equipped with toys for parrots – all this also plays an important role in determining the longevity of your pet. On the health and longevity of the parrot affects and its emotional comfort: birds can get sick from loneliness, boredom and lack of attention, the caring owner is obliged to worry about the leisure of his pet, wishing, like any pet, attention.

There are many opinions about the type of habitat that affects how much the parrot lives. Many are convinced that the natural habitat for these birds suits less than the life in captivity, because in the wild they are more likely to die from numerous predators, unfavorable weather conditions or famine. No less weighty arguments are among supporters of the opposite point of view: people are not always able to provide the necessary variety of food or create a comfortable environment for the full life of parrots, which leads to the emergence of various diseases in them, the presence of which leads to premature death.