How long do peacocks live ?

Peacock has been domesticated for a long time already, and it is quite normal for life to survive in captivity. At home, peacocks live up to 20-25 years.

In the wild (peacocks live in Southeast Asia, India and Africa in tall forests with shrub thickets), the natural enemies of peacocks are the hunted tigers and panthers. In such conditions peacocks rarely live more than 20 years.

Only the males of peacocks possess a beautiful tail-fan, while the tail of the peacock’s females is gray and unremarkable. But the voice of our handsome man is completely unattractive – he screams loudly and sharply.

Peacocks are also excellent defenders of snakes. Not far from human settlements, they gladly hunt for young cobras. For what the locals love them very much. In addition to snakes, they feed on seeds, green parts, rootlets and fruits of plants, as well as various spiders, insects and small amphibians.