How long do polar bears live ?

In natural conditions, a polar bear lives about 19 years. The maximum lifespan of a polar bear is 25-30 years. Mortality among adult bears is estimated at 8-16%, in immature 3-16%, in bear cubs 10-30%. The maximum lifespan of a polar bear is 25-30 years, although the female in the Detroit zoo in 1999 was still alive at the age of 45 years.

The five countries on which the polar bears live are Canada, Russia, Norway, the United States (Alaska) and Denmark (Greenland).

The population of the polar bear population is estimated at 20-25 thousand individuals. Over the past 45 years, it has declined by 30%. These are highly specialized animals, ideally adapted for living in the Arctic. Therefore, the slightest changes in environmental conditions can be fatal for them.

Low fertility and high mortality bear cubs make the species easily vulnerable and prone to extinction. In addition, in the North from time immemorial hunted polar bears for their skins and meat. Only since 1956 in Russia the hunting of the beast was banned.