How long do porcupines live ?

The life expectancy of a porcupine 12-15 years in natural conditions and up to 20 years – in captivity. In some places, they can damage agriculture. Porcupine meat can be used for food.

At dusk, an ordinary porcupine leaves the shelter and slowly, carefully looking around, goes in search of food. Most often the animal wanders all night long from its hole or cave, in the cleft of which lives. The menu of the porcupine porcupine consists of various root, tubers, fallen fruit, leaves, perennial grasses and berries.

The porcupine has a rather weak vision, so the animal relies mainly on a remarkable scent. An important role in the search for food is also played by good hearing. The sound of fruits that fall to the ground, he can hear at a great distance. Eating the food, the combed porcupine supports her forepaws.

Only a few animals decide to fight with the porcupine. The exception is the lion and leopard. However, even these big cats should be very hungry to risk attacking the porcupine. The dark brown back of the porcupine is densely covered with sharp, black-and-white needles.