How long do quail live ?

The average life expectancy of quails in captivity is 2-3 years, and in free conditions it reaches 5 years. The duration of their life directly depends on the conditions of detention and the quality of care for them. However, many poultry farmers believe that keeping them for more than a year is unprofitable, since after this age the egg-laying significantly decreases, as well as the food quality of eggs. Some quails are carried for 2-3 years, but in smaller quantities.

An aging quail can be distinguished from a young one in appearance. In older quails, the claws and the beak are longer. Another indicator of age is the loss of quails on the back by quail, but this fact should be taken into account only if the quails are properly tended and fully fed.

Quail is unpretentious in its content, but for the health of pets it is necessary to maintain certain light and heat regimes, to feed a special food with high protein content. The most suitable temperature for the life of quails is 17-25 ° C and the illumination by dim light at least 15 hours a day. Thus, with the right content, your quail can live up to 3-5 years.