How long do raccoons live ?

The average lifespan of a raccoon is 15 years on average, however, under natural conditions, they live no more than 4-5 years.

Raccoon is a very viable animal. He rarely gets sick, is not particularly susceptible to infections, and also knows how to defend himself well against ill-wishers. Enemies should pay special attention, because how many raccoons live, directly related to them. Wolves, coyotes, lynxes, alligators and owls hunt wolves, and snakes can attack the young.

In their homeland, in America, raccoon raccoons have already become quite common. They inhabit not only suburbs, but also large cities. Such a large number of them is due to the fact that these animals have ceased to hunt, and raccoons have lost their fear of people.

When walking, the raccoon rests on one finger, while standing – on the entire sole, so their traces remotely resemble the imprint of a human hand. The peculiarity of the device of the raccoon’s rear legs is that it has very moving feet that can rotate 180 degrees, so that it very cleverly climbs trees at any height, and can also descend from the tree with its head forward, which only a few types do Animals.