How long do rattlesnakes live ?

Generally it is considered that rattlesnakes can live up to fifty years. And they can become long-livers in captivity, with adequate care. It is rumored that in Latin America one can meet a giant boa constrictor at the age of one hundred and twenty years. But these facts are not verified. Most likely, this is from the field of folklore.

On the planet live about 2500 species of snakes, of which 410 species of poisonous snakes. They live, both in water and on land, some species lead a woody way of life.

Sea snakes (Hydrophiidae) usually have a length of about 1 m, although some specimens reach 2 m. There are no sea snakes in the Atlantic Ocean, and in the Pacific there are about 50 species of sea snakes of the family Hedrophiidae and several species of sea warty snakes (Acrochordidae). They live mainly in the western part of the ocean, between Australia and Southeast Asia, off the coast of New Zealand, Tasmania, in the Hawaiian and Galapagos Islands.